SERVICES Market wisdom
requires a deeper
set of skills.


Client Servicing

Client Servicing requires the capability to provide certain analytics including demographics data, defining trade areas, creating accurate maps, curating maps for competitive analysis, having rent and sales comparables, knowledge of new development or construction activity nearby that may change the sphere of influence for a particular market or trade area. At Finfmyhome, when it comes to servicing Clients throughout our region—with this collective intelligence we will either know or be able to find these data points out quickly.


Investment Sales

There are two ways to market a property. The first, to cast a large net and widely market the property to hopefully get multiple bids and the best price while working on closing conditions. Many of the best brokers can do this—Findmyhome, too. The second, be smart and truly understand what buyers a specific property is good for and why. Then offer it to that crew of buyers and keep the whole process beneath the radar screen. Be stealth—not many brokers can do that. We can because we have such a commanding local presence.



is defined as the business of giving expert advice to others, typically in financial and business matters. At Findmyhome, we are habitually giving advice, so are very comfortable in that position. That’s why we estimate the market of a particular Apartment and provide Best Deal for Both Buying and selling of apartment in Gurugram